Never Feel Fat! See How You Can Lose 2 Inches of Belly Fat in 2 Weeks!
Flatten Your Belly with the YOU Docs' Scientific Method

When you are as passionate about helping people as Drs. Oz and Roizen are, you don’t chase trends and fly-by-night fads. You look to solid scientific research for answers. These doctors did. They know exactly how the body becomes fat, so they know exactly how to steer the biology of the body and mind to shrink your waistline.

Their book, You Losing Weight, will change your beliefs about diets and show you the path to being lean and healthy for life!

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Restore Your Body to Its Natural Healthy Weight

The secret to weight loss isn’t really a secret, but few people do it: Start every day knowing when and what you will eat. That’s the key to keeping the hormones that signal “I’m hungry” and “I’m satisfied” in harmony.

The YOU Docs’ 14-day meal plan is designed to feed your body regularly to avoid extreme periods of overeating and undereating that lead to a gain in weight and inches. It works beautifully.

For even better results, combine the 14-day diet with the optional 20-minute YOU Workout. Designed by Dr. Oz’s personal trainer, it’s a no-equipment series of movements you can do anywhere. Simple drawings show you exactly how to do each body-weight exercise. They’re fun!

You’ll even learn Dr. Oz’s favorite every-morning yoga sequence, the Sun Salutation! And look what you’ll stand to gain:

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  • 2 inches off your waist in 2 weeks
  • Automatic calorie and weight control
  • Looser joints and greater flexibility
  • More daytime energy followed by deep, rejuvenating sleep
Get your FREE 21-day preview today! Click here!
Be Thinner, Healthier, and Happier with These Simple Tricks:
Butter Your Broccoli for Better Nutrition!

When you eat broccoli, add a pat of butter or sprinkle on some cheese. A little fat allows your body to better absorb the cancer-fighting compounds inside. One of those, sulforaphane, also stimulates a potent cancer-curing gene to turn on.

The 70-Calorie Trick That Saves Hundreds!

You can slash hundreds of calories from your dinner—without feeling deprived—by eating about 70 calories’ worth of this delicious appetizer. But you must do it no less than 25 minutes before you eat! The timing is critical to trigger your satiety hormones so you’ll stop eating long before the molten chocolate cake arrives. Click Here to find out what this food is on page 261 of You Losing Weight!

Want to firm up your butt and thighs?

The “Rickety Table” move on page 238 is a fun one that tones and tightens. And it’s great for low-back soreness! Do it while watching TV!

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An average customer who follows this plan should expect a safe weight loss of 1–2 pounds per week.